Terms and conditions

1. Terms of booking

Your order has been confirmed, and is valid from receipt of order confirmation.

2. Terms of payment

Payment is made in full, at the time of booking. In the case of orders of more than 10,000 NOK, from private groups, invoices can be sent, and divided into two payments.

3. Terms of cancellation

For cancellation, Arctic Workshop must be informed as soon as possible.

Bookings are refunded up to 21 days prior to activity.

In case of cancellation made by payment card, a 3% fee is charged, of the amount paid. This only applies if it is the customer who cancels, and not if it is Arctic Workshop that cancels the current activity.

Cancellation, less than 21 days before activity, will only be refunded by 50%. Cancellations where there is less than 7 days before activity, the costumer will not be refunded.

If Arctic Workshop itself, cancels an activity, the order will be refunded in full, regardless of time.

Cancellation of groups of 9, or more persons, must be canceled within 30 days before activity, if not, the order must be paid in full.

Only written cancellation, to Arctic Workshop, will be valid.

4. Changes to program

Arctic Workshop reserves the right to change the departure time, minimum number of participants, and, or cancel activities do to too few participants.

There may be days with such severe weather that it will not be prudent to carry out activity. This may mean that, for security reasons, we must cancel, or modify the activity program.

If weather conditions, a third party, or other circumstances cause delays, or impossible implementation of the agreed arrangement, Arctic Workshop cannot be made liable for this.

5. Participant's responsibility

Participants are responsible for assessing whether they are physically, and mentally fit to take part in the activity.

If there are more nationalities on the activity, all common information will be provided in English. If you do not have a basic understanding of English, or Scandinavian languages, it may be problematic to carry out activity.

During the activity, various tools, and tools that may cause harm, will be in use, both by yourself, and by others. Damage to clothing may occur, such as paint stains. Participants are responsible for dressing themselves, and Arctic Workshop will not be liable for damages to clothing, or other personal belongings.

During activity, one should not be affected by alcohol, or other intoxicating, or anesthetic agents. Arctic Workshop sees the right to reject participants where there is suspicion of affected condition. Refunds will then not be given to the current participant.

At Arctic Workshop you can choose your own handcraft, and you can choose more than one, if time allows on. The craftsmanship must be completed in its entirety before one can start a new one. If one were to make a mistake, so that the craft cannot be used, one gets a new one. One cannot make unlimited errors, and Arctic Workshop reserves the right to refuse you continuation with the chosen craft, if the errors repeat.

Participant is required to report health problems, which may prevent the participant from carrying out activity. Food is served on 5 hour activities, and one is then responsible for informing about any food allergies, or special food preferences.

6. Age limit

There is no age limit for participation at Arctic Workshop. However, there is an age limit on certain crafts, due to the use of tools that can cause harm.

The age limits are described on the Arctic Workshop's website. Participant is responsible for reading up on the activity's age limits.

7. Terms of refund

Refunds will not be given on flight cancellations, illness, or any other personal circumstances that prevent the participant from attending the activity.

8. Complaints

If the participant calls for defects in delivery / execution of the activity, this must be addressed directly with Arctic Workshop, as soon as possible. If the defect cannot be rectified on the spo,t and the customer wishes to proceed with a formal complaint, this this must be done in writing, and no later than 30 days after the activity.

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