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Have you ever heard of needle binding? No? Well, that is not so strange. You can say that needle binding has lost its popularity, since the days it was in regularly use, and this is something I find sad, and is hoping to do something about. Needle binding is an old art form, that was used before knitting was invented.

Did you know that if you travel to Barentsburg, and visit the museum there, you will find socks, hats, and mittens, made by needle binding? It was the old Russian pomors that used these items, when they were trapping on Svalbard, probably already around the 13th century. I was surprised by this, since I knew needle binding came from Norway. The museum host saw my bafflement, and explained that the Russian pomors, learned this craft from the Norwegian Vikings, almost a 1000 years ago. How random is that?

So now I will hopefully have the pleasure, of teaching some of you, this lost art form. Did you know that the needle binded socks, are the best socks in the world? Arctic Workshop offers a large range of colors, of thick wool yarn. You can make whatever you want, but I always suggest hats, and headbands, as the perfect first time needle binding design. The Vikings made their needles mostly in bone, but also later in wood. At the workshop, you can either buy a wood needle, or make your own in reindeer antlers, for future needle binding, in your own home. Needle binding is simple, easy, and will give you some great garments, that will keep you warm, on the coldest of winter nights.

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