Handcraft driftwood

When the trappers started to arrive, in big numbers to Svalbard, at the end of the 17th century, they had to have with them, every last thing they would need, for building their trappers cabins. Down to the very last nail. But there was 1 thing, they wouldn’t have to carry with them, and what was that? Yes, wood, and planks! But how? Where did they get the wood from? There are no trees on Svalbard. So where did it come from?

They got it from the beach. Exactly! Driftwood. The currents of the sea, outside of Svalbard, makes sure, that the island is provided, with an even amount of driftwood throughout the year. I absolutely love it, and have numerous things at home, made from driftwood, from Svalbard’s beaches. It is so easy to make, and so beautiful, and of course, one of a kind.

Since driftwood only can be collected in the spring, and summertime, and you also have to travel around to different beaches by boat, our driftwood storage will not always be as full as we wish, during the winter months, with snow. But I will surely help you find the best piece of wood, to make the most amazing candle holder, you, and your friends have seen. 

When you do handcrafts, it can sometimes be difficult to engage the men. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely believe, that they enjoy the workshop, even if it’s hard for them to admit, but I had to have something cool up my sleeve, to get their attention. I have therefore invested in bottle-openers. These you can mount on driftwood, and make the coolest bottle-opener, for the wall at home. You won’t have a single friend in the neighborhood, that won’t be envious of that one.

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