We have several different handcrafts to choose from, and also different genres within each handcraft.
If you have not done much handcrafts earlier, you can be surprised by the difficulty in some of them. I have therefore made a difficulty grading for the different handcrafts, Arctic Workshop offers:


Antlers: Difficulty degree 5
-In this handcraft we use sharp tools, and there can be a lot of poke work involved, depending on what you plan to create. This handcraft has an age limit, of minimum 16 years.


Leather: Difficulty degree 4
-You might think leather will be an easy task. The handcraft requires sharp tools, and patients. This handcraft has an age limit, of minimum 14 years.


Driftwood: Difficulty degree 3
-For this handcraft we use a paddle drill, and sharp carving tools. If you want to decorate what you make, we also use burn markers. This handcraft has an age limit, of minimum 14 years.


Needlebinding: Difficulty degree 2
-Needlebinding is quite straightforward, as soon as you get the hang of it. There is no age limit for needlebinding, but it might be difficult to master the technique for the children.


Painting: Difficulty degree 1
-Painting is the easiest. Here you can make whatever you want. We also offer stencils, if you want to make one of the

Arctic Workshop designs, of Svalbard related motives. There is no age limit for painting.

Håndverk for barn (engelsk)

Children within the ages of 0-12 years, will get to choose from their own handcrafts, facilitated for children. Some of the handcrafts they will be able to choose from, will be decorating candles, painting on porcelain/rocks, bead decorations, “trolldough”, and coloring/painting. The handcrafts will be decided by the child’s age, and interest. We wish all children welcome, to a fun day at our workshop.

If you have any questions regarding our handcrafts, please contact us via email, or our Facebook page. If you can not decide which handcraft you want to test your skills on, no worries. You do not have to decide beforehand. At Arctic Workshop, your guide will present all handcrafts before we begin, and you can make your choice there.

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