I have courses in different handcrafts. The courses will be held by request, and last about 3 hours. When, how long, and what handcraft, we will agree upon in advance.

Our handcraft course, in highest demand, is needle binding. The courses are primarily based on locals in Longyearbyen, but everyone is welcome.

Because the courses are only on request, you have to gather the participants yourself. The capacity will be 4-8 persons, and the cost is 400 NOK per person. Tools and materials, and also drinks and something good to chew on, will be included. The price noted here, is for needle binding. The prices may differ, depending on the handcraft.

If you are a group of friends, that wants to participate, and then find it so interesting that you want to do it again, I also provide courses for advanced. In a town like ours, it is nice to gather around something fresh, and new, instead of our ordinary routines. Bring some friends, and use your money on an entertaining evening together, whilst learning a new handcraft, instead of spending it on wine, out on the town.

See you!

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