Handcraft painting


Painting, and drawing, is something we learn already in the kindergarden, but as you get older, it disappears slowly. I want to show you that painting is fun, and with easy techniques, you can make really cool paintings, to decorate your wall at home.

You can paint whatever you want, but since this is an Arctic workshop, I am hoping you will be inspired by one of our beautiful animals. If you are insecure, we offer stencils of polar bears, reindeers, polar foxes, and huskies, that you can use, to get that perfect painting. And no, I will not spill your secret. When your friends at home, are admiring your painting, it is only you, who made it.

Other popular motives, is our famous polar bear sign, and of course the map of Svalbard. This can also be amazing memories, from your dream vacation on Svalbard.

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