Handcraft metall and empty cartridges

As you probably have noticed, when you travel to Svalbard, it is not like any other place you have traveled to. A vacation to Svalbard, can not be compared to any other vacation. One of the special things, are that you can not roam freely around the island, without having a weapon with you. And the polar bear danger is real, and you are depended on weapons to protect yourself. With so many people, in such a small town, where weapons are mandatory, there will also be a lot of shooting practice. This happens at our local shooting range, next to Coal Mine number 3. 

I am often thinking about recycling, and i have tried out a few things concerning this. I have found that the empty cartridges, from all the ammo we use, are perfect for making things. If you take the empty cartridge, and hammer it flat, you can punch in letters, or dates on them, and use them as necklaces, or keychains. Try it! It is super easy, and will give you a memory that will stay with you forever.

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