Handcraft leather and skin

One of our most popular handcrafts, is leather. Here we will teach you to make artifacts, for everyday use. Artifacts, that if taken care of properly, will stay with you forever. We work with many different leathers. From Svalbard, we have reindeer skin, and different types of sealskin. These though, are quite hard, and with fur, and can be a bit difficult to handle at times. We therefore also provide, sheep, goat, cow, and reindeer skins from, mainland Norway.

When you work with leather, it is only your imagination, putting a halt to what you can make. Of course, if you have something in particular, that you really want to make, we will have a look at it, but with the leather handcraft, we primarily have 3 genres to work from. You can make a wallet/cardholder, a casing for your glasses, or a phone cover. We have so many different designs in these categories, that I am sure we will find the perfect design, for you.

When you make your own artifact out of leather, and also any other material, you surely would like to put your mark on it. At Arctic Workshop, we have 2 different ways, to do exactly that. We have a burning pen that can be used to burn into the leather, whatever you want. Also, we have leather punching tools available, in everything from letters, numbers, patterns, animals, symbols etc. Leather punching, is when you have sticks of metal, with letters and symbols that you punch into the leather, with a hammer. We also have leather paint that will give the leather a darker tanned color. If you use the paint, after you have punched in your symbols, the paint will enhance your design.

What about making a spectacle case for your father, with his name, a date, and a tuff polar bear? Or maybe a wallet for your mum, with some beautiful patterns, or a mobile phone case, with a motorbike on, for your cool brother? Or the best one… making something just for you?

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